Truck Types

Your Delivery

Your order will be shipped by a fully licensed and insured national transportation company. Each carrier has trucks of varying sizes and configurations. Some of the more commonly used trucks are pictured below. If you are ordering less than a truckload (LTL Shipment) we always specify a lift gate truck.

The driver of a lift gate truck is required to place your merchandise on the lift and lower it to ground level. At that point moving it becomes your responsibility. The driver is not required to assist in any way.

If they do assist be sure you are not incurring an extra charge from the freight company. Many drivers are simply helpful but keep in mind they are legally allowed to charge you for that assistance.

The truckers are required to contact you for a delivery appointment. If they show up unexpectedly you are not required to accept the truck and they will need to return at a scheduled time at their own expense.