Delivery Logistics

An essential part to MasterSurface’s business philosophy is a clear understanding of the importance and urgency of effective systems of delivery. We take an active role in ensuring the timely delivery of our products by focusing attention on the individual transportation requirements of our customers. In simple terms, both our production and sales are dependent upon the ability to deliver these products to our customers.

The overall cost of transportation can often play a significant role in the delivered pricing of our products. By remaining aware of this, MasterSurfaces continually focuses significant resources to help our customers reduce this portion of their cost. An example is the geographic location of our production facilities and terminals, providing effective cost delivery options.

This same network of plants and terminals provides redundancy which minimizes the potential risk of inventory shortages. This is critical when responding to the emergency demands of our customers. Through years of hard work, expansion and acquisition, MasterSurfaces is positioned as an industry leader in low-cost production and distribution of arena footings.


Product Packaging


MasterSurface's highly skilled quality assurance people, coupled with state-of-the-art equipment for quality control, ensures the manufacture of markedly superior footing products that are packaged for delivery.

Additionally, to ensure our customers that their quality needs are satisfied, we have formal quality management programs at all plants incorporating the latest in process-control methods, such as Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Statistical Quality Control (SQC).

MasterSurfaces maintains quality assurance operations at all major manufacturing facilities. A central laboratory located in Chicago, Illinois supports and confirms the quality control work of the plants, plus has the capability to conduct research and performance testing for many end use applications.

MasterSurfaces' Materials Division is also highly committed to quality. All plant locations have working laboratories with technicians who are constantly testing materials to ensure their compliance with required specifications.


Truck Types for Your Delivery

Your order will be shipped by a fully licensed and insured national transportation company. Each carrier has trucks of varying sizes and configurations. Some of the more commonly used trucks are pictured below. If you are ordering less than a truckload (LTL Shipment) we always specify a lift gate truck.

The driver of a lift gate truck is required to place your merchandise on the lift and lower it to ground level. At that point moving it becomes your responsibility. The driver is not required to assist in any way.

If they do assist be sure you are not incurring an extra charge from the freight company. Many drivers are simply helpful but keep in mind they are legally allowed to charge you for that assistance.

The truckers are required to contact you for a delivery appointment. If they show up unexpectedly you are not required to accept the truck and they will need to return at a scheduled time at their own expense.